What style of bag is better in summer?

  • Girls are very picky in dressing and dressing. They have to make up before going out, pick clothes, and spend a lot of time dressing up. Some people say that men look at the watch, women look at the bag. Therefore, in the summer, the choice of bags above the girls will be more stressful, for fear of mismatches. Next, I will introduce you. What kind of bag does the girl wear in summer?
    Bag style selection
    Summer bags are different from winter. Winter bags can be classical, mature and generous. However, it is best not to choose these styles in summer, which will give people a very heavy feeling. The style should be lively, smart and light.
    Bag color selection
    The choice of summer wholesale waterproof travel bag color is also very important, as much as possible with lighter colors, such as this year's popular dry rose pink and white or beige, and the bright yellow color is the best choice, not popular in summer. Very good match.
    Match with clothing
    If you wear a pair of shorts in the summer, but hold an elegant bag with a hand, this is very bad. According to the type of clothes you choose, with the corresponding bag type, sports with fashion bags, ladies with elegant.
    All in all, summer girls don't want to generalize on the choice of bags, you have to choose the bag according to your clothes color and style, as well as your own personality. I still want to go out and dress beautifully.
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