How Colour Printing Can Help Your Business

  • Colour printing, by any metric, is far more effective in attracting attention and making an impression. Xerox colour printers offer high-quality printing services for different uses. Colour printing isn’t just for the special occasions – it can be productively used for advertising, marketing or even for a presentation to impress your superiors.


    Let’s for a second imagine a world without any colour. It would be difficult differentiating so many elements in our daily lives. Colour adds vibrancy to products which would otherwise be dull. We sometimes inevitably make subconscious decisions based on the colour itself and its visual appeal. (Information Credit –


    Here are the reasons why colour printing is effective:


    a)    Capturing attention – Colour is the first element that your brain instinctively identifies while viewing a certain product. The vibrancy that colour adds to the product can affect the customer’s decision whether to buy a certain product or not. In essence, it acts as a subconscious stimulus and a persuasive force. As the saying goes, “a picture tells a thousand words” – then colour definitely adds to the picture.


    b)    Helps in Comprehension – The human mind naturally uses colour to identify and demarcate between different segments. That’s why colours like red, white, blue, among others – have very specific identities in our mind. Furthermore, the colour used in printing helps segment new ideas and it enables us to understand and comprehend it better.


    c)    Improves Our Power of Retention – Adding colour to prints can help us increase user engagement. Eye-catching colours, in specific, helps improve the retention of images and patterns in our minds. The reason for this is quite simple; our brain processes and stores colour images far better than images which are black and white. This is the reason why marketers and advertisers always use more colour in their images.


    d)    It Helps Project A Degree of Professionalism: One of the greatest advantages of printing in colour is that it conveys a degree of professionalism, stability and brand image. This is quite understandable as we are often accustomed to seeing black and white posters from our local vendors, small businesses, and kiosk stands. The rationale for their usage of non-colour material is pretty straightforward: they work with restrictive working capitals. Thus, even though printing in colour will be a bit more expensive – in the minds of the users, it will enhance the brand image and its perception and hence the reputation.


    e)     Colour printing is cost-effective: The gradual return on investments or ROI on colour printing is far higher than black and white printing. In today’s world, major companies like Xerox, Canon and Epson have inkjet systems which are extremely fast and produces high-quality images. It is of note that today’s colour printing costs are only a fraction of what it was a decade ago.


    Therefore, to conclude, it must be stated that colour printing has several benefits when compared to printing in black and white. Contrary to popular belief, in the long run, it will be far more cost-effective. Moreover, it helps in the retention of images, increases your brand reputation and captures people’s attention.