5 best Technology Jobs of 2018

  • Web Developer

    Based on the specifications drafted by the project manager according to the wishes of the client, the web developer analyzes the needs, chooses the most appropriate technical solution and develops the functionalities of the website or the web application. For this last step, he writes lines of code.

    The web developer can also provide solutions to problems present in a site already online and detected by the client or by the Internet. In this case, the developer proceeds to the diagnosis and online corrections, without interruption of the operation of the site.

    According to the terms of the contract, the developer sometimes carries out the training of the customer at the reception of the site and/or follow, throughout the life of the site, the technical support designed and realized by him. In other words, a developer often leads several types of achievements at a time.

    Computer Systems Engineer

    The Computer System Engineer is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Company's Information System. It ensures the implementation of new systems or new versions, intervenes in case of technical problems and is responsible for the quality of service (optimization of computer performance, high availability of applications).

    The purpose of the Computer Systems Engineering option is to provide the various skills required by complex applications developers, network specialists, project managers or architects of large computer systems. The organization of the ISI option in modules was designed to allow to build, according to his preferences, a coherent profile for these trades.

    Technical support engineer

    Technical support is a range of services through which assistance is provided to users when they have a problem using a product or service, whether it is the hardware or software of a computer on an Internet server, peripherals, electronic items, machinery, or any other equipment or device. In recent years there is a trend to provide isolated technical support, where a technician attaches to the computer over a remote connection request that has the capacity to store many memory jobs.

    Software Developer

    The software developer is a specialist in computer languages. His role is to create computer programs, which will later become software. It is often he who drafts the user guide and who ensures its proper use. The salary of a software developer is usually between 2000 gross monthly euros for a beginner, and 3500 euros gross per month for a professional confirmed. Career Developments Software developers typically move to Project Manager or System Administrator positions.  

    NOC Technician

    NOC is a network operations center. A company or organization establishes a NOC to have a centralized location for its servers and network equipment. Having all or most of the servers and network equipment in the same location makes it easy for the company to provide security and maintenance of this vital part of their internal and external communication skills. NOC can be outside or within the limits of the company, depending on the available space, safety considerations or equipment requirements.