Advantages of Choosing Wood Burning Stoves

  • There are several fireplace installation companies which specialize in offering different brands of wood burning fireplaces.  There are several jotul wood stove dealers who sell their products commercially. The following are the advantages of choosing wood burning stoves over other types of heating solution like electric and gas stoves. (Information credit:


    1. Saves costs: As the prices of fuel like electricity and gases are consistently skyrocketing, installation of the stoves running on such fuel has become quite an expensive investment. Modern technologies like photo-voltaic cells help a lot on saving the energy bills. But these require a huge chunk of investment which can pay off only in twenty to thirty years. Wood burning stoves, on the other hand, are significantly less pricey that the investment required in these technologies. The key reason behind it is that wood fuel is quite cheaper than electricity, oil and gas. 1 Kilowatt of heat produced requires costs only about one fifth of the same produced by electricity and about one third of that produced by oil and gas.


    2. Unique warmth: Wood burning stoves emanate unique warmth which is not found in the heat emanated by other types of fireplaces. It is also important to note that the wood burning stove continues exuding heat for a long period even after the fire has doused. The stove has a decorative, rustic look and helps to create a unique atmosphere in your room.


    3. Dependence factor: Due to global warming, the climate is getting more and more erratic and unpredictable. Electricity power cuts are bound to become an increasing phenomenon. In such cases, electric fireplaces can’t be relied upon under any situation. But if you have a wood burning stove in your house, you do not have to rely on the supply of electricity for the purpose of warming your house on chilly winters. The fact that wood burning stoves do not need electricity to operate   gives it an edge over other types of stoves.


    4. Environmentally friendly: In contradiction to fossil fuels, wood fuel is known for its carbon neutral nature. This implies that wood burning stoves do not contribute towards elevating the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. When you burn wood logs, they do release carbon dioxide. However, the carbon which is released during the combustion of the wood logs is neutralized by the growth of replacement trees. The neutralization occurs because of the fact that trees and any kind of greenery are effective in absorbing carbon dioxide and other type of greenhouse gas, while releasing fresh and pure oxygen in the atmosphere.


    5. Energy saving: Most people nowadays are finding solutions that would require them to depend on energy resources as little as possible. One of the most effective energy-efficient solutions is a wood burning stove. The less you incur the expenses on energy, the more money you get to save.


    6. Facilitates cooking: If you have a wood stove, you can use it to cook any type of food. You can use your wood stove for heating your meals and coffee, at a much less energy expense.


    These are the reasons why wood burning stoves are extremely popular.