Overwatch is a competitive shooter game

  • Overwatch is a competitive shooter in which two teams of six members compete for a goal in different game modes. During the loading of the game, each of the players will be able to choose among the twenty-eight characters available, based on the role: support, tank and offensive heroes. The supports offer care, shields or Overwatch Boost to the rest of the team, and generally constitute the backbone of the team; the tanks are those who manage to receive more damage without dying, and represent the ram with which the enemy position is generally attacked; offensive heroes are used to get rid of enemy tanks and tanks as quickly as possible.


    The ways in which these heroes collide vary according to the type of challenge, but in the competitive world they are generally the following: transport, conquest, control, conquest / transport. In the first mode, attackers must transport a load to a predetermined point within a maximum time, and the defenders will do everything to stop it. If at the end of time at least one member of the attacking team is in the immediate vicinity of the load, the extra time starts, which will continue until the load has been delivered by the attackers, or until the defenders have released him.


    In Conquest, defenders must keep attackers out, who will have to try to get as many points as possible in the defense zone. As mentioned for the Transport mode, the extra time starts when, at the end of the pre-established time, an attacker challenges the defense zone. In Control, a neutral zone is placed in the center of the map, and the two teams clash for control. Also in this case, it is possible to reach extra time. The team with the most checks obtained up to 100% in three games wins. The last mode is a hybrid between transport and conquest, but it reuses exactly the same rules. For each of these modes there are points available, depending on the type of game being played: at the end of the fight, the team will win with more points.


    To be able to follow a game of Overwatch well, it is essential to know above all the Overwatch Boosting Cheap, expressed through the indicators and the user interface. At the top, left and right, in competitive games we find the list of players and heroes they use, and a possible X on the character indicates that at that moment he is absent from the fight, waiting for the respawn. Next to the list of each team we find either a shield or two crossed swords, to indicate the role of defense (shield) or attack (swords). On the right, above and immediately below the team icons, we find the killing notifications, in which we are told which character, and which team (just look at the colors) eliminated the hero of the opposing team. The possible red arrow (instead of the white one) informs us of a headshot, while an atypical and particular design icon will tell us if that character was eliminated with a special ability of the hero in use.