Gorgeous landscapes and blisteringly color palettes

  • I was offered an open chair in the Merkaba bar in San Antonio, a few blocks away from PAX South on Saturday night. Was a replica of Astellia running on the lowest spec Razer notebook that BE&A could buy Astellia Online Asper, pulling in the active servers running in South Korea. Amazingly enough, the match was running flawlessly!

    An eye-catcher at first glance, Astellia knows its market. Gorgeous landscapes and blisteringly color palettes full of comprehensive props, creatures and set pieces abound in all directions. The character movement is fluid and the summon animations of your'Astells' -- summonable NPCs that struggle for you -- are flawless. The soundtrack for the game is also orchestrated and top notch, rounding out the adventure.

    From the demonstration, I was supplied a maxed-out character using a veritable army of Astells that I could summon, but sadly that did little to show me what progress was like. I breezed through the monsters that are free-roaming that I was in and even took a mob boss down in a few hits. I totally understand why they put it up this way, but it was slightly disappointing to not be able to take a look at their starting zones so that I could check the waters out of how the game's systems operate.

    The artwork on a few of the promotional material I received stated"Play to Win", an obvious jab at the'cover to acquire' plans which a good deal of Asian MMOs employ. I see they are strongly advertising it as such after speaking to Westley Connor with cheap Astellia Online Asper, the producer of the game. He explained that they are wanting to redefine the appearance of that specific market and need players to know they are going to have a great experience whether they opt to pay or not.