Nevertheless the day Joris defies Kerub and seeks

  • Dofus: Kerubim's Treasures is a animated series set in the world of the Kamas Dofus Retro MMORPG. In each episode, a story is told by Kerub Crepin to live-in maid Simone, his son Joris and acquaintances and friends. These tales are told through flashback, and revolve around a product that Kerub had collected during his days.

    Nevertheless the day Joris defies Kerub and seeks out his idol, the athlete Khan Karkass, a celebrity that is Gobbowl, everything changes for the worst! The vengeful witch Julith that was terrifying has returned to Bonta vowing to destroy the town, and she seizes the chance. Just Julith knows that Joris includes a Black Dragon soul hidden deep inside him, as well as secret powers which will help her acquire all her wicked desires."Two weeks have passed since the birth of Dofus Retro in our houses! The hour is in the assessment by Ankama, that also speaks for the event of this version's future! Retro Dofus is a success! With more than the 5 servers anticipated (that were to be in the start just one: Nabur), Ankama managed to accommodate nearly 300,000 Dofus players in line with the amounts of Tot, increasing even day after day! The first analyzes fall and they bring great news!

    A"working class" has been formed to operate on the Retro model. The objective? It is specified that no addition to Dofusplay level will be done. No fresh Dofus or area that is fresh, such as Frigost. Everything is going to be concentrated on the expertise at its own credibility and stake! If you've read our course guides for Dofus Retro, then you might have noticed that we are using spell icons!

    And... it will change soon! The Dofus Retro group will operate TO Buy Dofus Kamas to offer a better variant of Dofus 1.30, using Dofus Remastered fixes! Attention, the module remains for the second. It'll be necessary to wait for the official modifications to gain in the improvements!